My First Years

I was born on the 1st of August.1979, by a Cesarian, because my heartbeats where already weakening; a normal birth would have been impossible, for I was a really big Baby - contrary to my later rather delicate appearance! Ich als Baby As the first of finally four children I have had my parents for my own about two years long. Since my mother had a job for a while at this time, I spent also a lot of time with my grandma of my mother's side, who fortunately lives in the same house.
You may understand, that I cannot recall that time exacltly; it lasted only about one and a half years anyway. I know, that I was an early talker, and my pronunciation was very, very clear and exact, especially with a few words, such as 'Flusen', 'Klinggloeckchen' (my auntie loved me saying it in my special way, because it sounded so ......... 'cute') and 'Ball'.
I was very stubborn, or, positive expressed, I had a strong will. If somebody wanted to help me with anything, I yelled: 'Nana kann!' (Nana can), what quickly changed into: 'Diana kann das alleine!' (Diana can do that alone). If I was in angry, then very angry, for if anything didn't work the way I wanted it to work, I imagined it ti work, things were thrown through the room, and I yelled of rage. If I was unhappy, I was very unhappy, and if I was happy, then that in high concentration. Mit 3/4 Jahr
Mit 1 3/4 Jahren Every morning my grandmother went into the washing room, for hanging cothes on the lines; every morning she carried me and sat me onto the fridge, which also stands there, to get the clothes out of the washing machine; every morning - but one! She just forgot to place me on the fridge before getting the clothes out of the machine. The tantrum I threw would have been worthy to be filmed, but she didn't even see the reason! Only when she recalled the whole scenery, she noticed, that she had forgotten an important part of our morning-rituale, but I hadn't!
If a hair dryer or hoover were switched on, I cried out. My ears were and are a little bit more sensitive than those of most people. Always I overheard things, that have not been said to be heard by me ('she can roll out her ears about three rooms and more'), although I often missed, that somebody called me or talked to me directly. Also certain clothing I did not like to wear. Many years I hated to wear Jeans trousers; they felt so 'cold'. Rough woollen things are a horribility. I do not bear to wear rough woollen clothes directly on my skin, there must be a 'normal' shirt underneath. The same is for fleece pullovers. I was always a bit passive, according to hugs, i.e. I didn't run away or 'froze', but I hated it. Food is another field I was difficult in, cause I hated it, to try new dishes (in most cases I noticed that I didn't like them anyway). A relatively frequent used expression of my mother was, that you could more easily count the things I would eat, than those I would not eat. Every kind of cabbage is a terribility. I tried nearly all of theme, but if I described now, what a feeling, a sensation it is, to taste cabbage, your own appetite would fade away..... Salads I don't eat either (only raw lettuce) and rarely and only about two sorts of soups or sauces. Onmy plate there should be everything nicely sorted and arranged seperately. Spinaca with egg is an exception: For years I always ate the yolk of the fried egg first, for then filling the space of the yolk with spinace!

There are many words who have a special meaning to me, are linked with an association or trigger a certain sensation. The word 'Aral' (name of a certain brand of petrol stations) has a similar effect as the taste of cabbage: A feeling of sickness! My pets I often named with names, who give a special sensation to me, either by hearing the word or saying the word or both, as in 'Saskatchewan' (the country in Canada sounded so great to me), 'Nophretete' and 'Echnaton'. A few other words I like are:

Nicotinsäureamidadenindinucleotidphosphat, Desoxyribonucleinsäure,
Melopsittacus Undulatus,
Calanchoe Daigremontiana,
Reykjavik, etc.

When I started to walk, I aways had my hands on my teabottle, I held it firmly so not to fall over! My hands grapping the teabottle, arms stretched forward, I marched through the room. Additionally I tried to put it into other things and was very pleased, when it fitted exactly. Then it stayed there, even if my parents where looking and questioning for the place. On the next day, when my father wanted to put on his shoes, he found the bottle, that really fit into his shoe exactly! Things, that were exactly fitting, I liked very much.