In Kindergarten!


At someday I came into the Kindergarten (Meanwhile my first sister was born).
Kindergartenphoto <== (I am the second child seen from the right side)
Since I appreciated drawing and painting and I could draw and paint there as much as I liked, I enjoyed my time there mostly. We had breakfast together every day at the same time, and circle games as 'Ich bin in den Brunnen gefallen' I also have participated in more or less voluntary. Sometimes I did even enjoy them. There was a girl who was exactly one year older than I, that was something that was meaningful to me, and I had always the feeling, that it meant something special; anyway, I believed anything she said and at least two times that was fatal. It was not her fault, becaus it was never her intention to fool me, I just didn't get the real meaning.
The first event was, that she said that on the stairs outside an aeroplane would arrive, and everybody who had drawn and coloured a special papercard in a special way could join in a flight; fotunately I had drawn a colourful papercard with a bird and rainbow colours just on this day, and adding to my joy she explained that this casd would be just right for the big purpose. So we waited at those stairs, but nothing arrived, and when the kindergartenteachers got us back in everybody went with them willingly, because they all new that it was only a game; I was stunned! Why did the plane not come? Has my card not been drawn correctly?
The second happened on a rainy day, where we had to stay inside. Same girl had suddenly doublesided sellatape. Fascinating! I had never seen anything like that before, and I wanted to get a bit of this thingy, too. She explained to me what I had to do to get some. I had to climb on a stool in front of the wall where all the drawers were, because there was doublesided sellatape on a board on top of this drawer-wall. There I just had to take scissors and cut some pieces out of it, and now and then I would have to turn my head left and right and look. They caught me and I had no idea what I had done wrong! That I had to look right and left for making sure that nobody would see me cutting pieces out of it, BECAUSE it was forbidden, she hadn't told me!
Additionally to those happenings I have rarely recognised any children from kindergarrten outside this place; they just were not the same persons. But my cousin I did always recognise, she was in the other group of the kindergarten; when we came first to elementary school, she was in the same class as I went to.