What's New?


The babbleboxes are now to be found on all main-pages - but just 'one', not two different ones.


Just imported 'babble-boxes' invented by a friend of mine, one can be found in 'Forums' and one in 'About me'.
You need to register, so nobody gets confused about nicknames.
If you like an avatar for you nickname, then please send me a little pic by email and I will include it for you! Happy babbling!


Another update of the Link-Section of Aspie's Webpages - Neral's Homepage with really good explanations.


I updated the Link-Section of Aspie's Webpages - Simon's Website with tests about perception are linked there now.


I updated the Link-Section


From now on there is a new frame-free Version online - also very good for getting an overfiew over the structure of the page.


Now the English Forums-Section is Online. Here You can find Forums, Chatrooms and Mailinglists all about Autism and Asperger's Syndrome.
Also I started the translation of the time after my Abitur, and added some pictures of my self-made Holo-discs. Both Here


Finally I found out how to change the color of the scroller - and used it at once! ;-)


From now on, the English News-Section is Online. Also, the English Version of the Book-Shop is available

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